Welcome Shen Yun to Israel
Shen Yun Performing Arts
Shen Yun Debuts in Israel!
An unforgettable sojourn full of sold-out shows, VIPs, and wondrous outings.
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Did You Know?
Shen Yun’s digital backdrops can create limitless possibilities.
Shen Yun’s backdrops are like magical windows that infinitely extend and transform the stage. The digital designs complement and synchronize all aspects of the performance, and are as grand as they are intricate. Inspired by 5,000 years of history, our designers create vivid animated settings that truly reflect China’s multifaceted geography, society, regions, and dynasties. Some scenes even transcend this world, bringing you a touch of the heavens.
Shen Yun’s special background-stage performance interaction, now legally patented, allows performers to travel back and forth between the stage and the animated backdrop. So remarkably true to life, it allows you to forget where you are and creates a portal to a different time and place.
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Coming Up:
Shen Yun’s biggest season yet is coming to a close… and we are going all out!