After a wonderful global tour, our performers have recharged and are training hard for an all-new season. Plus: Check out where Shen Yun performers go for a much-deserved vacation, discover the Mount Olympus of Chinese Mythistory, and test your knowledge of classical Chinese dance.
Stepping it up to create the next epic season
Do You Remember?
Do You Remember?
Percussionist Tiffany Yu shares precious memories from past seasons’ tours.
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A Break from 'Breaking a Leg'
A Break from ‘Breaking a Leg’
Six months of touring the globe deserves a spectacular vacation. Guess where some of the performers holidayed?
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Meet the Tang Monk
Meet the Tang Monk
The pious Buddhist monk whom Monkey King protects in Journey to the West.
What are Chinese ethnic and folk dances?
Did you know China’s population includes well over 50 distinct ethnic groups? Each group’s unique way of life reflects discrepancies in local topography, climate, and religious tradition. These factors are also embedded into their traditional dance styles—many types of which you’ve seen on the Shen Yun stage, including Mongolian, Tibetan, Manchurian, and Yi.
Chinese folk dance, meanwhile, refers to dance forms passed down among the majority Han ethnicity. And yet dances from different regions still differ greatly in style.
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Coming Up:
Another great season is already in the making. Stay tuned for more news and goodies from Shen Yun.