Shen Yun’s five companies are now touring throughout North America and East Asia. Catch up with our performers, discover this year’s story dances, and unearth nuggets of traditional Chinese culture.
Monkey King at Fire Mountain
Shen Yun presents another exhilarating episode from the classic novel Journey to the West
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Taiwan Tour Begins
Photos of the Week
Photos of the Week
See the beauty of Japan through our performers’ lenses.
Mythistory's first Herbalist
Mythistory’s First Herbalist
King of medicine and agriculture, the demi-god Shen Nong had a see-through stomach.
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Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams
She’s traveled much of the world, but dancer Betty Wang still has a few things to cross off her bucket list…
Why can’t Shen Yun perform in China?
Ironically, while Shen Yun celebrates traditional Chinese culture around the world, it is not allowed to perform in China. Not only that, but you cannot see another performance like this there.
In China, for over 60 years, the communist regime has treated traditional culture as a threat to its power and even today it will not let Shen Yun in to perform. There are countless shows in China that appear to be traditional but—after decades of political campaigns to eradicate this cultural heritage—these have been stripped of their inner essence.
One of the things that makes Shen Yun unique is that, in addition to the surface artistry and beauty, it honors the spiritual essence of Chinese civilization—ideas like harmony among Heaven, Earth, and humankind, and virtues like tolerance, courage, faith, and compassion. We hope that one day, both Shen Yun and this message will be able to manifest on stages across the Chinese mainland, too.
Coming Up:
Next month, Shen Yun heads to Europe and Oceania. 
Plus: Discover the Battle of Red Cliff, the phoenix of the East, and the unique hospitality of the Mongolians.